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The following works are dedicated to Tell es-Sweyhat excavation reports and related studies.


Danti, M.
In Prep.    Tell Hajji Ibrahim, Syria: An Early Third Millennium BC Agropastoral Station.  University Museum Monograph (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum).

Danti, M.
2000     Early Bronze Age Settlement and Land Use in the Tell es-Sweyhat Region, Syria, Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

Danti, M. and Zettler, R.
1998    “The Evolution of the Tell es-Sweyhat (Syria) Settlement System in the Third Millenium B.C.,” in M. Fortin and O. Aurenche (eds.) Espace Naturel, Espace Habité en Syrie du Nord (10e - 2e millénaires av. J-C.) Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies Bulletin 33; Travaux de la Maison de l’Orient 28 (Québec: Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies; Lyon: Maison de l’Orient Méditerranéen), pp. 209-28.

Zettler, R.
1997  MASCA Vol. 14: Subsistence and Settlement in a Marginal Environment: Tell es-Sweyhat, 1989-1995 Preliminary Report, University of Pennsylvania Museum Publications, Philadelphia, PA.



Danti, M.
In Press    “Late Middle Holocene Climate and Northern Mesopotamia: Varying Cultural Repsonses to the 5.2 and 4.2 Kiloyear Ardification Events,” in Claudio Vita-Finzi, Robert Giegengack, and A. Bruce Mainwaring, eds. Climate Crises in Human History Transactions of the American Philosophical Society (manuscript submitted to the editorial committee).

Danti, M.
2008    “The Tell es-Sweyhat Archaeological Project 2008,” Context 20/1: 1–5.

Danti, M.
2008     “A Mesopotamian Mystery: The City of Sweyhat,” Current World Archaeology Issue 30 3/6 (with William B. Hafford): 34–40.

Danti, M. and Zettler, R.
2007      “The Early Bronze Age in the Upper Euphrates River Valley and Northwest Jezireh, Syria,” (with Richard L. Zettler) in Edgar Peltenburg, ed. Euphrates River Valley Settlement: The Carchemish Sector in the Third Millennium BC.  Levant Supplementary Series 5.  (Oxford: Council for British Research in the Levant/Oxbow Books), pp. 164–83.

Danti, M.
2002    “The View from the Tell,” Expedition 44/2: 8-9.

Danti, M. and Zettler, R.
2002    “Excavating an Enigma: The Latest Discoveries from Tell es-Sweyhat,” Expedition 44/1: 36-45.

Danti, M., Peregrine, P. and Zettler, R.
1997    “Sweyhat” in "Archaeology in Syria," H. Weiss (ed.) American Journal of Archaeology 101 (1): 141-44.

Danti, M.
1996    “The Tell es-Sweyhat Regional Archaeological Project,” Expedition 38/1: 34-36.

Miller, N. and Weber, J.
1996    “Botanical and Faunal Remains from Tell es-Sweyhat,” Expedition 38/1: 27-29.

Peregrine, P.
1996    “Geomagnetic Mapping at Tell es-Sweyhat,” Expedition 38/1: 30-33.

Zettler, R.
1996    “Tell es-Sweyhat, 1989-1995--A City in Northern Mesopotamia in the 3rd Millenium B.C.,” Expedition 38/1: 14-26.


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