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Since 1989, the Tell es-Sweyhat Project of the University of Pennsylvania has excavated at the site under the general direction of Richard Zettler. Michael Danti joined the project in 1991 and became the Field Director in 1998. In 2008, the Tell es-Sweyhat Project became part of Boston University, under the general direction of Michael Danti. Boston University will begin an archaeological field school at the site in 2010.



Michael D. Danti (General Director)
Michael Danti received his PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. He served as the Field Director of the Tell es-Sweyhat Project from 1998-2005 and became the General Director in 2008. In addition to his research at Tell es-Sweyhat, he has also conducted archaeological surveys in western Iran and northern Syria. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Archaeology Department of Boston University.


William B. Hafford (Area Supervisor)
William Hafford received his PhD in Mediterranean Archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001 with a special interest in ancient economies and mortuary practices in antiquity.  He has served as an area supervisor of the Tell es-Sweyhat Project since 1998 and is the Assistant Director of the Howard University Giza Cemetery Project.  He is currently a Fellow in the Critical Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania.


There have, of course, been many contributors to our understanding of the site of Tell es-Sweyhat. Below is a comprehensive list of all our researchers.



Adams, Tim
Armstrong, James
Arzt, Jenny
Ashby, Darren
Bell, Andrew
Bentz, Brad
Brill, Nathanial
Brinker, Chris
Cho, Frank
Cooper, Lisa (Elizabeth)
Danti, Kevin
Danti, Michael
Delnero, Paul
DiGiorgi, Andrea
Ehrenburg, Erika
Fahey, August
Fitts, William
Ford, Adam
Friegeh, Fuad
Hafford, William
Harvey, Steven
Hemmaplardh, Theodore
Hide, Chris
Holland, Tom
Horne, Lee
Khalaf, Muthana
Lewandowski, Julia
Linderman, Carole
Mathieu, Jim
McCune, Allen
Murray, Emma
Peregrine, Peter
Porter, Ben
Randall, Sally
Rizvi, Uzma
Roberson, Peter
Stork, Leigh
Swerida, Jennifer
Toth, Louis
Weber, Jill
Westerman, Amy
Yunus, Eyad
Zettler, Richard




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